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Prompty is your personal prompt engineer. Provide your prompt, and they'll analyze and optimize it using proven techniques such as Chain-of-thought, n-shot and more
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What to ask Prompty GPT

How can Prompty optimize my writing prompt using the Chain-of-thought technique?
Can Prompty provide examples of how the n-shot technique can enhance my writing prompt?
What other proven techniques does Prompty use to analyze and optimize prompts?
Can Prompty help me come up with creative writing prompts from scratch?
How long does it usually take for Prompty to analyze and optimize a writing prompt?
Can Prompty assist with optimizing prompts for specific genres or writing styles?
Does Prompty provide any feedback or suggestions on how to improve my writing prompt?
Can Prompty analyze and optimize prompts for different types of writing, such as essays or short stories?
How does Prompty determine the effectiveness of a writing prompt?
Can Prompty provide any statistics or data on the success rate of optimized prompts?