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Powered by Zapier. Create a dossier of all attendees of an event on your Google Calendar
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What to ask Event Dossier GPT GPT

How can I create a dossier of all attendees for an event on my Google Calendar using Event Dossier GPT?
Can Event Dossier GPT automatically update the dossier with any changes in the attendee list?
Is it possible to export the dossier created by Event Dossier GPT to a spreadsheet or document?
Can Event Dossier GPT provide additional information about each attendee, such as their contact details or organization?
How does Event Dossier GPT handle privacy and data security when collecting attendee information?
Can Event Dossier GPT generate reports or analytics based on the attendee data collected?
Is there a limit to the number of events or attendees that Event Dossier GPT can handle?
Can Event Dossier GPT integrate with other platforms or tools, such as CRM systems or email marketing software?
How accurate and reliable is the information collected by Event Dossier GPT?
Are there any specific requirements or settings I need to configure in my Google Calendar for Event Dossier GPT to work properly?