Cyber Security Career Mentor

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Your guide to starting and advancing in cybersecurity careers, offering beginner-friendly, practical advice.
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What to ask Cyber Security Career Mentor GPT

What are the essential skills needed to start a career in cybersecurity?
Can you recommend any beginner-friendly resources or courses for learning cybersecurity?
How can I gain practical experience in cybersecurity while still in school?
What are the different career paths available in cybersecurity?
Can you provide tips for preparing for cybersecurity job interviews?
What certifications are most valuable for advancing in a cybersecurity career?
How can I stay updated with the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity?
Are there any specific programming languages I should learn for a career in cybersecurity?
Can you suggest any networking opportunities or events for aspiring cybersecurity professionals?
What are some common challenges or obstacles faced by individuals starting a career in cybersecurity?