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Step by Step task manager that automatically saves memory to a .txt file. Inspired by BabyAgi by @yoheinakajima
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What to ask BabyAgi.txt GPT

How does BabyAgi.txt help in managing tasks?
Can BabyAgi.txt automatically save tasks to a .txt file?
What is the inspiration behind BabyAgi.txt?
Can BabyAgi.txt handle step-by-step tasks?
How can I access the saved tasks in BabyAgi.txt?
Is BabyAgi.txt suitable for personal use or can it be used for professional tasks as well?
Can BabyAgi.txt remind me of upcoming tasks or deadlines?
Does BabyAgi.txt have any additional features apart from task management?
Can I customize the format of the saved tasks in BabyAgi.txt?
Is BabyAgi.txt compatible with different operating systems?